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Harman made her first screen appearance as Sasha during the episode broadcast on 31 August Harman decided to leave the show in and filmed her final scenes in October. Sasha made her official departure on 1 April Sasha was introduced as established character Sid Walker 's Robert Mammone illegitimate daughter. Sasha was initially "a rebellious and furious teenager".

Harman described Sasha as being "sassy" and "angry", as well as having a stubborn streak. Shortly after her arrival, Sasha embarked on a relationship with Stu Henderson Brenton Thwaites , which eventually turned abusive. Harman admitted that she was both scared and excited about taking on a domestic violence storyline.

In February , a whodunnit was formed when Stu was found dead. The Walker family soon became suspects and Sasha was bullied by a group of students led by Christy Clarke Isabelle Cornish. Sasha soon confessed to killing Stu in self-defence when her father became the prime suspect. However, the age difference and timing soon caused them to break up and Sasha quickly developed feelings for Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes. Sasha lost her virginity to Casey and also went through a pregnancy scare.

They initially kept the relationship a secret, so they did not hurt Spencer's ex-girlfriend and Sasha's close friend, Maddy Osborne Kassandra Clementi.

Sasha Bezmel

In the same year, Sasha befriended Rosie Prichard Teri Haddy , who became obsessive with Sasha's company and almost caused them both to drown during a stunt to get Sasha's attention. Isabelle Cornish auditioned for the role of Sasha, however, it was actress Demi Harman who was eventually cast.

On the serial's official website, Sasha is described as originally coming from "just another working class family" who were "battling along". Sid meets Sasha a number of months after her mother's death because there is delay in the contact process. With "months of grieving, misery and building resentment" - Sasha becomes "a rebellious [and] furious teenager". Harman has stated that Sasha uses relationships as a method to convey that she is mature and grown up despite being sixteen. The serial used Sasha's relationship with Stu Henderson Brenton Thwaites to depict the issue of domestic violence.

Sasha just begins dating Stu without carrying out any "groundwork" into who he is. There were no "warning signs" for her and it happened so rapidly that Sasha just "kind of fell into" the relationship. Lachie Gig Clarke begins text messaging Sasha and Stu becomes angry, the actress stated that Stu "tries to take Sasha's phone and he questions why she would be texting another guy" and subsequently hits her. But Sasha decides to end their relationship. He threatens that he shall do something "extreme" if she does not forgive him.

One of the reasons she puts up with Stu is because she is not fully over the death of her mother.

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She concluded that it was a "disaster waiting to happen". The storyline later came to the centre of the serial.

Harman told Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy that she was both scared and excited about taking on Sasha's domestic abuse storyline. Harman researched the issue by visiting a range of anti-abuse blogs and websites such as White Ribbon and The Line. Harman explained that the story was "necessary" for Sasha's development and it subsequently scored positive feedback from the audience.

There was also praise given to Home and Away for choosing to portray abuse within a teenage relationship. In various scenes the violence that Sasha endures from Stu becomes "quite heavy". Harman stated that she and Thwaites knew it was a "serious" issue and made an effort not to take both their character's state of minds home with them. Sasha is convinced that Stu will change and forgives him. Harman explained that "I think she reminds herself that as much as Stu hurts her, she genuinely loves him enough to want to help him stop doing what he's doing.

She just carries on letting it happen until it begins happening in public. Harman felt that Sasha's denial was the most "frustrating part" of the scenario. She hoped that anyone in a similar situation to Sasha would seek help and tell someone.

The actress revealed that some characters understand that Sid is trying to protect his daughter. But she added that "it does bring to light in the Summer Bay community the issue of trying to solve violence with violence. Harman hoped that Sasha would eventually find a boyfriend who would treat her "right".

In the series finale, Sid is arrested for violently assaulting Stu in response to discovering his abuse towards Sasha. In response to Stu's violence the Walker family "form a protective circle" around Sasha.

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Luke Mitchell , who plays Romeo Smith revealed that the actual killer would confess. He added that the storyline would explore whether or not his death was accidental or premeditated. Mammone told Digital Spy's Kilkelly that Sid is quick to support Sasha because he believes it was an accident. He is "sad and disappointed in himself" because Sasha did not feel safe to trust him with her problems sooner.

Sid is frustrated with Sasha because her dishonesty gives the police reason to issue murder charges. Mammone explained "Demi is a lovely girl and a talented actress - she has handled this storyline like a veteran! Shortly after it was announced that Isabelle Cornish had been cast as student Christy Clarke , who was good friends with Stu.

Her aim is to destroy her. She tries to get rid of her friends, bully her and make her uncomfortable. In January , a writer for TV Week observed that with sparks already flying between Sasha and Xavier, it looked like they would become Home and Away's newest couple over the coming months.


Xavier likes the "fiery" aspect of the girls he dates and tries to match them. The TV Week writer added "But because Sasha is quite strong-willed, this budding romance could take a while to develop. She believed that Sasha loves him, but the age difference and Xavier not being ready cause the break up. Harman concluded that Sasha is left feeling bitter over Xavier and directly develops feelings for Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes. Harman told TV Week's Miller that she was shocked that her character would be interested in another River Boy, after what happened with Stu. But she's very keen on Casey because he's always been there and she hasn't really noticed him until now, so she becomes a bit curious.

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