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Are you emotionally available for love?

I also share a list of red flags to look out for when communicating with someone. Beware if the person:. We end our program with a big shift away from the scary stuff: All we did was use a camera we had in house, snapped a few pictures in nice lighting, and then emailed them to the individual patrons the following day. Set the tone early on. Patrons are going to come in nervous and giggly as all get-out.

If you create a safe space where patrons are encouraged to ask any sort of question, and treat the subject of online dating with lightness and humor, it will help remove some of the initial awkwardness.

People value discretion when attending an event like this. I have a hunch taking names and contact information would turn people off. My colleagues have stories of patrons coming to the Welcome Desk to ask for directions and, instead of asking where the class is out loud, will write it down on a piece of paper. Folks will always come up and ask any questions they may have not felt comfortable asking in front of the group. Of course, I have to end by sharing a story. A few months ago, a patron asked one my colleagues at the Welcome Desk if she could speak with me.

I went down, and we had this conversation: I went home, created a Match.

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Darien Library is located in the bedroom town of Darien, Conn. But people do judge people based on their nicknames. Incorporate a fun part of your identity into your name and keep it casual Ms M was cityexplorer7. People will be more likely to message you the more you describe about yourself.

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Sit down with a friend, have some drinks, and they can help you write and edit it. As for content, be yourself. Be honest about your personality traits, likes, and dislikes.


A profile is a work in progress. Take the same attitude onto the first date: Or, you can go over afterward and talk about how horrible it was. It might be a better idea to use the duds as your first experiences.

Whether you are single or in a relationship

One online dater divulged that he would wait until the 3 or 4 date until he paid the whole bill because he wanted to wait to see if he actually liked the girl enough to be a gentleman. No contact information needs to be provided unless you'd like to follow up with me after the class. Bummer, registration is closed for this class.

Try searching for a similar class here or message the teacher to request a spot. Add to your bucket list to be notified or message host.

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Keira is a writer and consultant for the popular online dating profile writing service E-Cyrano. With 8 years of freelance writing, six years of personal online dating, and 4 years of dating research experience under her belt; Keira is well equipped to provide helpful and humorous insight into the craft of writing the online dating profile--as well as tips on logging off and meeting up for the first time.

This workshop was fantastic! Keira is very professional and warm.

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I learned so much more than I expected to! Highly recommended; both men and women will strongly benefit from taking this workshop. Not only did I learn a lot, I also had a great time!

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