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Chinese Zodiac - Dating

In depth look at the best compatibility for matches. Use Feng Shui to help you find, attract and keep love in. Voice of the Firepig Bill Hajdu Himself.

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Are you a match for one of your favorite celebrities? Pick a profile, enter in your birthday and share your results with your friends! Sign up for a membership and keep all your relationship comparisons on file for easy access! The Zodiac is made up of 12 signs and 5 elements.

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  • The Twelve Signs of the Chinese Zodiac. If your test results are good, that means you can get along with the people well by nature or can be easily attracted with each other. As is known to all, each relationship requires hard work, dedication, understanding, mutual respect, and trust. So, there are six conflicting groups.

    The two in the same group had better avoid getting married. Or there will be many different opinions, disagreements, quarrels or unhappiness after marriage. Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line.

    Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui.

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    • Organs on Face Forehead. Home Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility. Is he or she compatible with you?

      Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Compatibility Chart

      Zodiac Compatibility Match Boy's Birthday. Chart 1 How to check: Chart 2 How to check: San He is a species Minghe , which is a combination of light and righteousness. In the same group, the three animals could live harmoniously, understand and bring good luck to each other.

      So, the three are best matches. The six compatible groups are set according to the combination of Yin and Yang. Liu He is a species coincidence that secretly helps you. The two animals in the same group could get along well and give each other a great or secret help no matter in love life or career.

      For instance, a rat could be a mouse, a pig maybe a boar or a ram, or an ox a cow. Plus, to keep things simple and interesting for those wanting to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac, it was easier to provide a simple, basic translation so everyone could participate in finding out more about their animal counterpart and characteristics.

      A Dating Advice for the Long Lasting Relationship

      FengShui practitioners, when evaluating space and energy alignment in a person's home, often use the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese Zodiac is fun, unique, and exciting, providing just as much information about self personality traits and purposes in life as is revealed in Western Astrology. It is yet another tool to help each person achieve happiness and fulfillment in reaching their goals.