Embarrassing online dating profiles

The only reason to not have an answer to this question is if no one has ever commented on your looks or personality.

Good luck scoring a date with that, buddy. Same goes for books, movies, and shows. Give us your top five choices in each category. This is also where you list your hobbies or interests, stuff you do for fun. Painting, ultimate Frisbee, taxidermy. DO NOT write blood, food, air, water. This is not a literal question. The point is to show your personality.

Some of the Most Hilarious Online Dating Profiles

Are you addicted to your smart phone and coffee? Never leave the house without your journal or a switchblade? Your desert island list. A sexy combination of all three?

Maybe you spend a lot of time marveling at how the lead singer of The Foo Fighters looks just like the drummer from Nirvana. The big mysteries of life you ponder go here. If you do all kinds of different things on the weekends, give us a summary of your most favorite activities. Movies, clubbing, trying every sushi joint in town?

Netflix, friends, and wine coolers? Holding up liquor stores, summoning the devil, and tagging buildings with your spray paint stencil art as your alter ego, The Shadow? Sum it up here. We read something we like, we message you.

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Quote a movie, leave a recipe for bundt cake, leave your hat size. And that name thing? Have fun, get a sense of humor, and chill out. Think in terms of meeting someone and getting to know them instead of going on a date. It takes the pressure off. You may meet and hate each other.

You may get married three hours later. Meeting is the first step, going on a date is the second. Or possibly a honeymoon. DO NOT send dick pics unless asked. DO NOT mass message a form letter. DO NOT use text language.

This is not a text, and there are no character limits. DO NOT message boring small talk and expect interesting responses. You get what you give. Make the message personal and you stand a far greater chance of getting a reply.


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The 6 Online Dating Profiles To Avoid At All Costs

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How Not to Fill Out an Online Dating Profile – P.S. I Love You

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See most common online dating photos you would think that actually worked.

2. Definitely Not Lying

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