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Front-end user give us feedback and see that survey result. Very easy to install in minutes and setup there.

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Not more complex survey system most commas and useful features only ad Not rated 1 review. Hbooking By Harmis Technology. You can add the n-Level Hotel. User can easily book the hotel. That package includes the 7 modules and component. Now that package working fine with Joomfish.

Support the Multiple language. We are send you Joomfish package with that. User can see all Listing Hotels and Details inserted by agent. Google map shows the exact location of each hotel Responsive Menu for Joomla: JE Smooth Menu is a multi level menu. The menu supports both the horizontal and vertical sidebar orientation. Shadow display none or block.

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Content Menu is display in your content text whatever text you want. Display menu in very smooth way. You can easily change the menu color from the back-end. Just install module and plug-in. You can change the shadow color, menu color also change the over effect from the back-end.

User can submit quotation form and mail send mail as per back-end setting. Admin can add unlimited field from the back-end. User submits the quotation. Admin can configure your mail address from the component. Also can add the unlimited field in that form. Login here for free download. Module displays the Quote link at the bottom of page. JE Sliding menu looks in a fancy way using jquery. JE Sliding menu has ability to preload images and making the entire block clickable. So here it is, check the example, a new improved sliding menu based on our favourite JavaScript library, jQuery.

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We are using default joomla menu. JE Rollover tooltips menu looks in a fancy way using jquery. JE Rollover tooltips menu is awesome rollover tooltip menu which includes tooltip details in form of block. Supports countries, territories Use as USA map: Use as USA map: User can submit the story into Joomla article after admin approve that story listing in front-end. Admin can add dynamic extra field, user email format, manage the form layout, section and category display or not set also.

User can add stories. Admin and users get mail after user adds t Twitter trends By Harmis Technology. Display Latest twitter followers and count of twits. You can set the limit from the back-end. Add your twitter name from the back-end. The JE Form Creator has all the form fields that you need when building custom and professional forms. Also, this component is the ideal tool for non-programmers. Besides this being an amazingly easy way to build nice forms and have full control on their look, the support for the component i This song rating component is best component for easily creating a song contest and determining a winning song.

It shows songs with an image, its average rating, how many times its played, the artist and Module class suffix, width, height. JE SlideShow is a lightweight jQuery slideshow module. Now made responsive slideshow also Administrator: Category Album create by admin.

Slide added into the Category Album. Slide upload from by admin and slide height width configure from the c JE Drill Down menu display the last shown level when the page reloads, plus the speed of the "drilling" animation. And to ensure the user doesn't get lost with all this drilling. JE 14 design menu By Harmis Technology. User can easily select any of the 14 menu style. User can also manage the sub menu color and sub menu text color from back end. N-level display in menu. Support mobile and tablet also, Fully responsive menu.

JE Drop Line menu turns a nested UL list into a horizontal drop line menu, with each sub menu appearing as a single row of links beneath its parent menu. To polish it up, the menu uses a touch of jQuery magic to apply a nice slide down eff JE Drop line tab menu display joomla menu in very different style. User can easily manage the menu color, sub menu color and menu text color from color picker.

User can make any color for menu, sub menu and menu text. All color mange from the back-end. JE Horizontal Menu Tabs nicely curved, glossy and looking horizontal menu. There is no sub menu display in that menu. Single-level display in men Now you can use Joomla with drop down Menus on Mobiles and tablets Description: JE Pretty smooth menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module.

We are using the jquery for presentation of menu. There are five different themes added in that module. JE Sweet Smooth menu displays in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module. There are Eight different theme added in that module. JE Latest News tab is display latest news content from joomla article. You require making the one section in default joomla.

Add the category into the particular category. Selected section category names are display on tabs. After, adding content on particular Content. You can easy to install and handing the module. When user is writing the data into the textbox that time under the textbox display the suggestion of related word. Also Store that search log also. JE Quiz component allows creating exam, adding question in particular exam, can modify both exam as well as questions and at the end it generate result. Unlimited amount of Competitions, Questions and Answers, Multiple select, single select.

Further more detail about JE Quiz component is given below: The exam facility allows to create, modify and particular exam. JE Glow menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module. There are four different theme added in that module. JE Shine menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module.

There are six different theme added in that module. JE Bright menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module. JE Tooltip new Joomla 1. User can put the unlimited tooltips in joomla article content. User can put unlimited tooltip. Support the Joomla 1.

This module searches the product from the VM and displays the suggestion with list of product and image also. Makes searching for products faster and easier. AJAX suggestion can trade data with a web server, without reloading the page. Just start typing a product name and you will see the results in a drop-down list with product image. Search from the product description and product name.

JE brandish menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module. There are four different themes added in that module. Top Down wave effect, Right left effect, two different color fad Heading color, Calendar color, event color, event text color etc. User can search the job by Location or by Job Title or by Experience. User can also see the job category at the front page. Category wise jobs are displayed in it. Click on the particular category it will display that category jobs.

If user wants to apply for that job then click on that job then it will display the job full description. Only registered user can applied fo Support the Joomla Joomla 3. Mobile and tablet compatible menu.

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  • JE Ultimate menu display in very different and excellent presentation of your menu module. User has the facility to change the color of each main menu item in different color. User can put the different color User can send mail to joomla user. User gets mail internally and externally. We put Ajax search. User can move received mail to any folder from any folder. User can forward and reply received mail. User can also see the category at the front page.

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    Category wise items are displayed in it. Click on the particular category it will display that category item. If user wants to see that item then click on that item then it will display the item full description. User can also rate the particular item. JE Guest Component is an open source Joomla guest book component with spam protection and many customization options.

    JE Guest Book component integrated with Jomsocial component also. Admin can see stories which are submitted by users in Guest b JE Poll is a component, module and plugin for Jommla 2.

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    User can comment on Poll result also. JE poll also related with joomla article if you want Load that poll into joomla article than also you can load into joomla article with plugin. Poll category module displays the poll category. User can add your stories in K2 items Front end: User can add stories into the K2 item. Admin and users get mail after user adds the story. Admin approve than show up in front-end. It has no active function other than to display a calendar in a module position in the current site language.

    Selection of CSS files supplied, or make your own Optional links go to next and previous months uses Ajax Specify the starting month and year, or the current date Specify the length of the day names Specify the starting day of the week Specif Shows the Date By JosoDev. Shows the Date is a simple module to display the date in the position where you want, great for all templates that do not offer the ability to display the date, for example Warp template.

    The module also shows the time if enabled. Both the date and the time can be customized with a text, that is shown before. Live Clock Date Module is an extremely versatile module for live clock and date. Every aspect of it is configurable, from specifying whether to just display the time, the time plus date, the time after date; to the clock's font type, font size, font color, background color; to determine hours system and display style and more. LeoClock By Hampus Jensen. LeoClock is a clean and simple but very functional clock module for Joomla. What's unique about LeoClock apart is that it gets the time through PHP which means mainly two things.

    First, everyone visiting the page will get the same time even if the clock on their computer is wrong as it uses the Server clock. Second, it has access to the handy timezone options in PHP, e. Small and simple calendar to display on your site. Shows day name, week number, day number, month, name day and current moon phase.

    RazzoOrg - Countdown By Razzo.

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    Displays a timer with countdown of the time remaining before a specific date or functions as timer for a time specified by the page loads CoolClock By Michael Richey. Where other clock modules provide a limited number of skins, this module provides 19 predefined skins plus the ability to define your own! Any number of clocks may be present with or without custom skins! Colorful Clock By Top Position. CedFlipCountdown add a widgetto display a Clock or Timer plugin in retro flip-count down style.

    You're part of our marketing team! Flash Digital Clock - displays current user time. Not rated 4 reviews.