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Therefore, be polite and respectful. Intelligent women like confident men. Others would only believe in you if you have faith in yourself first. Therefore, be confident because confidence is the key when it comes to dating. Confident men have more chances to succeed with women because women think all men should naturally be confident. To reach mutual understanding with an intelligent woman you need to have an open mind. In other words, think out of the box. It is preferable not to fall for prejudices or be critical.

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Mutual understanding needs time to nourish when it comes to dating. Have an open mind and let an intelligent woman show you her positive sides. You should know how non-verbal communication works because it can increase your chances for success. Your moves, gestures, the tone of your voice, and look in the eyes all matter when it comes to effective communication.

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You should use the benefits of non-verbal communication to impress intelligent women. Keep in mind that you should maintain a peaceful and casual tone of voice. Under no circumstances should you shout or talk quietly. Your tone of voice should be comforting and relaxing.

Therefore, smile occasionally when the timing is right. Never attend a date in a bad mood. Your facial expressions should be natural. Make it your habit not to make any sudden moves. All your means of non-verbal communication should express confidence. You should maintain eye contact when you date an intelligent woman. It is advisable to look for no longer than 3 seconds to show your intentions and not to appear awkward. There are many places you can visit to find intelligent women. Here are some of them: Intelligent women like to spend their time creatively.

A lot of them are artists or are interested in art. These are not all the places where to find intelligent women. Consider going to the cinema, visit a fair, walk in a park or attend a lecture. In other words, think about creative leisure opportunities. Like all other women, intelligent women like to receive presents as well. Buying a gift for your woman is a noble thing to do. Everybody likes presents, and women especially. Here are some options for you to consider.

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Intelligent women like to read. Some say that a book is the best present. Buy her something to read but make a good choice. For example, buy something you would read yourself. Consider buying something not practical. Go to a souvenir shop and look for something creatively expressive. Consider some folk or ethnic things like bracelets or dream catchers ancient Indian amulets.

In other words, buy something interesting.

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Try choosing something artistic as a present for intelligent women. For example, buy her a painting or vase. Perhaps, you may surprise her with a beautiful figure or some other handmade crafts.

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All in all, artistic presents usually make the best gifts for intelligent women. Intelligent women care more about what you think about their mind than what you think about their body. In other words, you should prove that you like her mind more than you should prove that you like her body.

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They are looking for men who can appreciate their mind. Make sure you do that. Finally, following all the tips should get you on a date with a highly intelligent woman. It is always better to expect the unexpected and plan ahead. Your approach should be accurate and careful because intelligent women are very demanding. Believe it or not, this is for the best. Smart women are cool to be around with. They are very independent, interesting, and witty. They are also very reliable. You can count on them. In a long-term perspective, intelligent women make the best dating partners. Respect them, allow them to express themselves, listen attentively, and be confident.

Dating a Highly Intelligent Woman: Tips and Advice So, now that we know that women are intelligent it is time to offer some piece of advice for those men who feel they need to correct their approach. The Art of Conversation Strong intelligent women like to have meaningful dialogs. Tell About Yourself Start by telling about yourself and be passionate about it.

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Listen to Her Next step on your way to a successful conversation is to be a good listener. Creativity Intelligent women are usually very creative, artistic, and original. Original Date When you go on a date with an intelligent woman, consider different options. Respect Intelligent beautiful women expect you to respect them. Confidence Intelligent women like confident men. Understanding To reach mutual understanding with an intelligent woman you need to have an open mind.

21 Tips to Dating a Highly Intelligent Woman

Except this unwillingness of men to date smart women really tells only half the story. There's another issue, which no one seems to talk about, and that is the single-minded insistence on the part of smart women to marry smart men. We take it for granted that the female graduates can't find equally educated men. But why do they need to? This, to me, is the key issue, and one I had not questioned until recently. It has always been a given: I want a man who is at least as intelligent as me. But why is this so important? And why is it usually true for women, but not for men?

We women are forging ahead, changing the paradigms in every area of life. We are in universities, in management, in politics, in boardrooms. We juggle motherhood with careers, buy our own properties, manage our own finances. But in hetero relationships, we are still largely bound by traditions. We women still mainly seek men older than ourselves , taller than ourselves , broader than ourselves.

We prefer men who are equally or more successful than us, and who earn at least as much money as we do. And we seek men who are as smart, or smarter, than we are. Back in , a hedge funder was asked why he dated less intelligent women. It's about wanting someone who prioritises their life in a way that's compatible with how you prioritise yours. I love my job, but I work all the fing time. If I date an equally driven woman, we're both working 18 hours days, when do we even have time to see each other?

It makes sense, but I'd never considered it. I've been involved with men taller than me, shorter than me, older and younger, but every single one has been extremely intelligent. I assumed that I "needed" to be with a very smart man. I want to be challenged in a relationship on an intellectual level. But highly intelligent men can make for very difficult partners. They can be narcissistic, obsessive, rigid and demanding.

They may have little time and energy for family and relationships. If you're looking for a supportive and nurturing partner, a highly intelligent, successful man may not be the go.