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Only black and white copy available. The outer rim and printing is silver and background is ivory. Circa to Silver label with silver print and greenish-yellow background.

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Handmade in America by Fenton and Handmade by Fenton. Red and white; may have been used for shop samples.

Used on Milk Glass in two designs. Dark background is red with silver print and light background is silver with red print.

Brown with silver print. Gold greenish yellow with silver print. Examine carnival glass for an oval logo starting from about The first Fenton logo to be stamped into the glass was the word Fenton inside of an oval.

How to Identify an Authentic Fenton Glass

It can be found on carnival glass pieces including vases, dishes, and decorative items that were made starting in Check for a small number in the oval that denotes the year. In the s, Fenton added a number 8 to the logo to indicate the decade when the pieces were made. They used a 9 during the 90s and a 0 from to the present.

Fenton Glass, the Factory Tour 1992

These numbers may be small and hard to see. Examine the piece for a cursive F in an oval. If your piece is marked with an F in an oval, it indicates that the glass mold was originally owned by a company other than Fenton, and Fenton later acquired that mold. This mark came into use in Check for a flame or a star on the piece.

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  • How to Identify an Authentic Fenton Glass!
  • You may notice a flame which resembles the letter S, a solid star, or the outline of a star somewhere on your item. This indicates that the piece is a second, or was found to have some defect while still at the factory.

    These pieces can still be collectible. Check the bottom of the glass for a pontil mark, which Fenton doesn't have. Some glass makers use punty rods to hold a glass piece during the crafting process. Fenton uses snap rings, so most of their pieces will not have a pontil mark.

    Fenton Art Glass Company - Wikipedia

    Started back in by brothers Frank L. Fenton and John W. Fenton, the Fenton Art Glass company in Williamstown, West Virginia, is one of the world's foremost producers of handmade art glass. Over its more than a century long run, the company has produced thousands of beautiful glassware, having innovative colors and striking hand-painted decorations. In , the company officially ceased traditional glass-making, and now makes only glass jewelry items.

    Fenton Art Glass Company

    Authentic Fentons, especially the ones made before the s, are highly prized and in great demand among the collectors today. However, as it is in the case of anything of value, the market is flooded with a number of duplicates and rip-offs. Some of these are almost exact replicas of the real stuff, making the task of picking out the authentic ones all the more difficult. But a true collector cannot compromise on authenticity, and hence, in the following lines, we will show you how to tell if a particular Fenton glass is authentic or not.

    How to Identify Fenton Glass.