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Using examples from popular culture, students will discuss dating vocabulary and idioms, and compare dating in the U. Learning Objectives As a result of this lesson, students will: Understand idioms and vocabulary related to dating.

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Discuss dating differences between the U. Analyze song lyrics related to dating.

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Ask and answer questions related to dating. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: Instructions Introduce the lesson by writing the word 'darling' on the board. Ask the students what the word means.

Have them brainstorm other words they know that are used for referring to your significant other, such as: Write all their ideas on the board.

Explain that this lesson is going to be about dating. Ask students to discuss questions, such as: What do they think of when they think of dating in the United States? How is dating in the U. What is difficult about dating in the U. Play the song, Me Neither by Brad Paisley. Ask the students to just listen to the song the first time through.

Discuss what they think the song is about. What do they think is happening in the song? Give the students a handout of the song lyrics.

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  5. Play the song again and ask the students to read the lyrics as they listen to the song. Ask the students to turn to a partner to discuss these questions: Were you correct about what is happening in the song?

    ESL Conversation Questions - Dating (I-TESL-J)

    Why does the singer keep saying, 'Me Neither? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Write the dating idioms from the song listed in the vocabulary list on the board. Ask the students to find these idioms in the lyrics and underline them. Discuss what they mean.

    ESL Fun Activities for Talking About Dating

    Ask the students if they know any other idioms related to dating. If they don't, ask them what these idioms mean: Right' 'To be head over heels' 'Pop the question' Activity Show a short clip from the Dating Game television show, available on many online video sites. Be sure the students understand how the game works.

    Vocabulary - Dating and Relationship - Free English lesson ( ESL)

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    Thanks again for all your wonderful ideas and creativity that you bring to inspire meaningful classroom discussion.

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    8. Hi Fiona, Thanks very much for commenting and for the kind words. Thank you for this and many other great lessons Kieran. Hi Giulia, Thanks a lot for commenting. Really enjoyed using this with my students. We brainstormed ideas about what to include and then students worked in pairs to complete the writing task. My students had a good laugh and came up with some very funny responses.

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      Thanks and keep up the great work! Hi Claire, Thanks very much for commenting.

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