Dating a damaged man

Maybe it is that look they get when another man is talking to you. The catch is, an emotionally damaged man also needs love. Well, there are girls who date men like that.

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They love them with all their heart and help them fight against the old demons still living inside them. They are there to tell them that even bad times will pass and that no matter what happens, they will be there to comfort them and to give them their support.

10 Signs You Are Dating A Broken Man

He was a millionaire, a successful businessman, he was handsome and polite but he was still broken. He was incomplete for his entire life. And love is an essential part of our life. If you are wondering what it feels like to date an emotionally broken man, keep reading. Here are some tips for all of you out there who are struggling with your Mr. Emotionally damaged men have been hurt. They have been through hell and back and all they ask for is someone to love them. They just need someone who will accept them with all their imperfections and to be able to love them without limitations.

Tell him that you love him.

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Tell him that he means the world to you. Once he hears this coming out of your mouth, he will fall in love with you even harder because he will know that there is a woman in his life who is ready to accept him the way he is, with all his scars and the demons from his past. He will finally be happy and satisfied because his life makes sense. If you are patient, he will open up to you. He will tell you even his darkest secrets. Finally, he has found a person who was worth waiting for.

This Is How You Love A Damaged Person | Thought Catalog

And he will never let you go. Living with an emotionally damaged man is like a roller coaster of emotions. So, if you are going to date a man like this, make sure that you have enough strength and energy because it will be exhausting. You will put up with his insanity because you know that it will last only for a few days and after that he will again be a loving and caring partner. If you love him, be prepared for switches in his behavior. You need to know that he will feel great one day and be possessive and jealous the next.

Emotionally damaged men really appreciate when you are around. Even when they are surrounded by a lot of people, they will always feel lonely. It will be very difficult at the beginning to gain his trust, but when he sees you are there for him, he will start trusting you. It can take a long time until this happens but if you really care for him, you will wait. So make sure that you are there from the beginning of your relationship because he needs to gain trust in you from the start. Show him that you are planning to stay and that you found everything that you had been looking for the day when you met him.

An emotionally damaged man can also love. In fact, he has more love to offer than any other man you will ever meet. He is just being extra careful with the people he lets into his life. You should remember this fact.

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Just think about how you would feel like if someone tried to change you. If you are to change; it will be when you decide to and not when others decide, right? Men change when they are ready to. Many women try to fix their emotionally damaged men by talking about their past. Well, their past is the main reason they feel this way. If you keep talking about it, you will just make things worse. If you really love him, wait until he opens up to you. He is the one who will know when the time is right for that.

The Dangers of Dating Damaged People

Just by being patient and giving him some space, you are doing him an incredible favor. Yes, he has a heart but he keeps it locked, far away from everyone.

He has been hurt in the past and this is his self-defense mechanism. He is too busy blaming everyone and everything else for why he can not possibly get his act together and be in a happy, loving, successful relationship. Also, this guy will not be open to hearing or taking in feedback. He will internalize everything, communicate nothing, and place himself in the victim role.

He might apologize a lot —to pacify you—but will never view anything as truly being his fault. Some broken men encompass all of these qualities and some just a few. Regardless, until those issues are no longer there or he is actively working on himself to keep them from impacting his life and yours, they will continue to arise. Dating a man who is broken can be hard. Dating a man who is in denial of his issues that are clearly present can be exhausting I was in a relationship with a man who was very broken. At first, I was not aware of all his issues—which he had clearly not dealt with and was holding onto—because, like a lot of men, they lead with their best foot forward.

Months into our relationship little things would appear. He told me he had an amicable relationship with his Ex-wife and had emotionally moved on, again, that was not true. He was still very invested in her—completely separate from co-parenting. And, if I brought her name up, he would get extremely defensive. Sternly telling me that he did not want to talk about her. Further into our relationship I found out that he was also not the communicator he led me to believe. In fact, he was the complete opposite.

He would internalize everything and rarely—and I mean rarely—communicate anything that bothered or upset him—something he learned from his father. He was also very insecure, the only time he displayed true confidence was surprisingly in the bedroom. Although my Ex claimed that he loved me and wanted to be in a relationship, his actions showed the complete opposite There was no room in his heart, let alone his life for me since he was not willing to work on himself and all his issues.

Regardless of all the support I gave him, he would turn my support into something negative because he was not used to having someone support him. He also displayed distrust because his ex-wife cheated and left him for someone else—her actions not mine. He had little faith in himself and therefore in us. The list of issues continued to overwhelm our relationship.

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Instead of being a grown man and dealing with his issues, he chose to let his issues and multiple excuses be the reasons for not stepping up. This destroyed our relationship. Ladies, although relationships take work, the effort can not and should not solely come from you. We all have baggage, however, if a man is so broken that he is in denial or incapable of mending himself—by seeking the best method s to do so—then he will bring an emotional battle that will destroy your relationship.

This Is How You Love A Damaged Person

Bottom line, you deserve to be with a man who strives to work on himself—because he loves himself enough to do so. You deserve a man who does not live in the pretense that everyone is a fault, but him. You deserve a man who is secure with himself that he wants to shine with you, not hold himself back or you. And most importantly, you deserve a man who is available emotionally. Do not let a man's inability to grow or lose his past baggage bring you down with his heavy load.

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You said, "This guy will think that by putting everyone and everything before him—the ultimate self-sacrifice—people will love him—and in turn he will grow to love himself. I know this one. This man often believes that trying to take care of others is an expression of his love. So that's all he adds to the relationship. No other emotional or conversational involvement. And sometimes the women ends up telling him what to do! Because she has problems too. The goal should be to find someone who already is the type of person you want to be with.

The minute you see they're not move on! Unfortunately there are both women and men who want to "rescue", "fix" or "upgrade" people they get into relationships with. Oftentimes it makes them feel needed and they believe at some point their mate will shower them with appreciation. Life is too short to be trying to change water into wine! Don't allow good looks and great sex to cause you to throw out your "must haves list" or "mate selection process".

Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart. If you go to the grocery store to buy an apple but purchase an onion instead whose fault is that? Do you curse the onion for not being an apple?

There are only two ways to experience joy and peace of mind in relationships: We either get what we want or we learn to be happy with what we have. Accept them as is or move on. The choice is up to us! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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