Capricorn woman dating aries man

We had some really blowout type arguments at times, but resolved to "never go to sleep angry" which made for some interesting sex to say the least. The best part was that she was not only my lover, but she was my best friend as well.

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She had some tom-boyish ways about her, but could really drop your jaw when she decided to be a woman! We both were very adventure spirited, both in our activites as wel l as sexually. I guess our favorite "thrill" was going to strip clubs. She is also bi-sexual so she enjoyed going to the strip club as much as I did.

She would wear a skirt with no panties and sit there and tease the shit out of me and some of the dancers then strip down and pretend to be a dancer giving me a lap dance but we were actually having sex. I am still amazed that none of the other patrons ever figured it out! While we had one hell of a sex life, I still have to return to the connection we had.

I hate like hell that we let life beat us down to the point where we split up. We divorced when I was 27 and she was I had already started growing up and developing real goals and desires for some measure of success, and she was still full force in party mode. She eventually became enamoured with a so-called friend of mine and told me she was "tired of living like she was 40, she wanted to be 24 for a while".

When she left, I literally felt like I had lost my soul! I even contemplated suicide for a short period of time. She ended up getting pregnant by my so-called friend and has paid dearly for her indiscretion, as she puts it. We still talk, but live in differ ent states. She has 2 kids by him, but no longer lives with him.

I got remarried to a Leo big mistake and had a son by my second wife. I am now divorced for the second time, and I would like to think that we could reclaim the love we had if we gave it another shot. It has been roughly 10 years since we split up and I am worried that we have changed to much. I also have reservations about trusting her again, but then I don't really trust anyone anymore based on my life experiences.

I want to trust her, but noone has ever proven trust worthy in my life. Who knows, given my Arian spirit, I will probably take a trip to Florida one weekend, for old times sake, and end up staying. I know my family would shit a golden duck if they knew I was even contemplating it, though. I would surely be disowned! Everything was going great. I asked her to do me a favor she said yes then the day the favor was to be full filled she backed out.

Things haven't been the Same sence that day. What am I to do? The favor wasn't even important I just wanted to see if she was down for me. I'm dating an Aries now. Something I haven't ever seen before in my life. He is so sweet, so thoughtful, so caring. Yet can be out of control, flipping out punching shit over nothing that intense.

I have the strength for both of us in this relationship and he'll even admit it. Because of course Aries don't consider the next day or the future. Mine has Chron's Diease, which he doesn't realize, I've never been with someone with a stomach alignament. I don't know how to act. Do you want me there constantly for your doctor's appt. I do love him, I am full heartedly in love with him, I just don't understand the hostilality.

He's had a real bad childhood, but so have I so has everyone, but I am strong enou gh to say fuck it, I will move on from my past and this is my future. I don't understand him, He does love me, he does things that no one ever has before, it's just now I'm thinking of the future and here he is not worrying about tommorrow. I am a 28 yr old cap woman and in a relationship of 6 yrs with a 27 yr old Aries man.

We drove each other crazy the first 3 yrs with a lot of arguments but the most amazing sex I have ever had. I had been hurt and rejected by other guys before I met him and he was the only person that I could bare my soul to completely. It took a while to knock down my protective wall that shields my heart but I am so glad that I eventually submitted to his will and I am so happy!

I don't want to be with anyone else and he calls me his wife in his head he told me. He has tried to break up with me during our first 3 yrs because of huge blow ups and misunderstandings we had common among cap and Aries as we don't initially understand each other. I love him intensly and he is the only guy that has the key to my heart. Though it has been a struggle, I have learned to bite my tongue and let him think he is right which most of time he is right I don't know our rising suns but his mom is a Aries and has told her Aries son that I am the one.

My mom is a mean scorpiao and my dad is a emotional cancer. So add that to my natural tendecy to control and a Aries will drive you mad. But as a cap woman, it has taken so much load off my shoulder and its been fun and wild to submit to his aggressivness and need to give me advice and opinions even when I don't ask for it. I love him to pieces. I am 18 year old Cap. We have been dating for a year and broke up once. Our relationship started out as bed buddies, but our chemistry in the bedroom soon led to infatuation.

He was really attached and his intensity scared me at times and I was not interested in committing. He was so passionate and cheesy it was hard for me to take his words seriously when he said he couldnt get me off of his mind. Our second go on actual dating and knowing each other is going much better, but it true that the fighting is quite constant.

We are both extrememly hard headed adn stubborn and I make him back down more than he would like which makes him unhappy. I try to let him take the lead, btu it is difficult when I am more ambitious and successful that he is. On the positive he keeps me entertained and brings fun and silliness into my Cap life that is MUCH needed. I try to teach him focus and give him motivation he has taken soem advice but Aries do not liek to be told how to do something. It is a work in progress and a lot of compromise is needed. We have had the most meaningful passionate sex though that I have ever experienced.

He will tell me all the things he loves about me and bed, but also can cater to my rough side when we are feeling naughty. I am not sure if this will last, but I hope so because he is the only person that has kept my interest and taken on the challenge of breaking down my strong Capricorn walls to find the true me. This comes with a price and It is a challange to take a step back for him to feel like a content Aries.

They are forgiving people. Need a lot of attention and love. Are jealous as are capricorns this will not be a open relationship. If they do not contact you they are either distracted of not interested. I am a 38 year old Aries man. I recently shared a relationship with a Capricorn for the first time.

I rushed the relationship and she shut down quick. We were dating for 5 moths before she decided that I took her out of her comfort zone. She has plenty walls to break down. As an Aries, I understand that I can be very forceful in my beliefs. I put a lot of pressure on her to open up. However Capricorn women don't let people in easy. I would have loved to continue on, but she is already set in her mind that she wants to be just friends.

This move allowed her not to be pressured by me to commit to anything. My love for her was over bearing. I learned that you cant rush a Capricorn. I agree with many of the posts. I barely know him 2 months. I feel like he gives me a lot of mixed messages. I also agree with what several have said about the Aries man not going away.

I guess when it has gotten to this point 2 months with any other guy i've been with, i'm more sure about where things are going. I have no clue with this Aries guy! Im a Aries Man. Theres this girl that lives down the street from me.

We were real close when we were younger all the way till we graduated. Were both very abstract and artistic people who used to get along great. We always liked each other but nothing ever came of it. We were close until we graduated. Since then I fell heavy under the radar and we lost touch. She sends a Christmas card every year and thats about the most I hear from her even though we live blocks apart. Were 23 now and its been years since iv gotten to talk to her. But yet I never stopped thinking of her.

Even in other relationships she always came to mind. I have dreams all the time with her in it and I wake up sad to the fact I cant hear from her. It really bothers me. She pops in my head once a day and then fades away like that ghost weve become to eachother. Just recently I saw another old friend an they mentioned how this girl had asked bout and spoke of me So I reached back out to her and we spoke. We talked for countless hours all week. Nothing had changed we talked,flirted and I still knew everything bout what she liked and what she liked to talk about. The end of that week I was invited over to hangout with her and the two other friends who informed me she spoke of me.

When we chilled we just sat across from each other in the yard smiling at each other in silence like to retards, lol as The 2 people in the yard did all the talking. We just stayed smiling at each other the whole time and didn't talk. When I look in her eyes I get lost in a vaccum. Nothing else in the world is even coherent when im thinking of her or talking to her.. Anyway after that night I picked up and walked out the yard into the dark to skate home. After that we didn't continue talking. She went back to seeing her boyfriend when he got back from school Now, months later I was in the foodstore and she snuck up on me and suprised me to say hi.

I stood there frozen in front of her and we just sat there smiling and gazing like two retards again. Had some small talk and she said how nice it is when she sees me and walked away But everytime I get her attention. She runs from me even though shell tell me she loves me and what I mean to her. I don't know what to do. I just know that my whole life since I was 12 she has been on my mind.

I don't ever think ill get her off my mind. I am a 27 year old Capricorn lady. I HAVE to post this for other female Capricorns who love their Aries man; and are feeling swayed by all the propaganda against this match. This is the fourth or fifth Aries man that I am dating; and for some reason, destiny keeps bumping me into this sign: I feel that despite things said about us in literature, you have to follow your heart, and if my story helps anyone reading this who is unsure of what to do, then my job is done.

I think that this combo is fiery for the Cap lady; as fire ignites cool and calm earth- - opposites attract. Even if this new man is not my soul mate, I am learning a lot about tweaking my personality for success by picking up the "Aries energy. Providence has put this sign in my life many times; and I'm not going to push it away- - there is obviously a reason whether or not it is my soulmate that only Providence knows I am a 32 year old Capricorn woman and am married to a 31 Aries man.

He is the second Aries i've been involved with and I am reminded weekly why my first Aries relationship didn't work out. We are both too strong willed and fight against each other every step of the way. We've now been together for 6 years married for almost 4 and have a child. It's exhausting being with an aries. The fierceness of it all is what brought us together in the first place but now i'm just tired. Everyone will have different experiences in their own life but lets just say I've learned my lesson. No more Aries for me. I am Aries 29 and in relationship with a girl 26 Capricorn. Capricorn are very sincere, very loving.

I am enjoying with my girl. I have been with an Aries before and he drove me crazy!! He was so sexy, smart, caring, and very independent. The sex was crazy good! But after a while we would argue all the time. I used to tell myself to just let it go but when we would stop talking, I would feel like I was losing my mind missing him!

I believed that he liked me a lot but we were too stubborn and it was like a game of tug of war. He used to be too sensitive getting mad about every little thing! We met one drunken night at a party; he tried to get with me, but I turned him down for his hotter, less bold friend.

About a year later, we met up again and our relationship began. In the early stages, everything was great- there was witty banter, constant flirting, etc. Then one night, we ended up at the same party. I was a drunken mess and he took care of me, but as soon as he saw me talking with another guy, he became very upset. I had always felt that he had a lingering sense of jealousy due to my initial rejection of him for his friend, but after this recent party incident, his jealousy has manifested into this strong desire to control me.

He can be quite manipulative and if I'm doing something he doesn't approve of, he's very outright in questioning me about it, trying to make me feel guilty. Aries men- don't ever make this mistake. As a headstrong Capricorn woman, I will stubbornly maintain that all of my decisions are correct, no matter how much you pester me.

Questioning my actions is questioning my judgement, which will earn you no points whatsoever. Apart from being controlling, he is also insanely stubborn- but with the most mundane things. He also changes his mind quite frequently, leaving him with the most pathetic argument skills- "No, I think A- not C. Oh, I didn't see B. It drives me crazy. I have had relationships in the past that have been filled with passionate jealousy, arguments, and a struggle for control, but for some reason, this Aries guy just isn't doing it for me.

I am a 27 year old Capricorn woman who fell head over heels for a 26 year old aires male. Love at first sight. After 3weeks I new he was the one. I have never felt this way before. Im a 25 year old Aries male currently involved with a beautiful 22 year old Capricorn woman. We've been dealing with each other on and off for over 8 yrs. She's so loyal that she's the only woman I want to be with. I truly love her but sometimes she can seem very unaffectionate maybe because we have history with each other and she's settled.

But I always express myself and sometimes I feel like she's not interested in me anymore. Ive made plenty of mistakes and she always have taken me back but I just wonder if she might be interested in someone else sometimes because her attention is very rarely on me. I'd be really sad and down if we throw away our lengthy relationship but the less and less I hear from her, the less and less I believe that she don't truly cares for me. I'll do anything for my Cap no matter what, but she doesn't seem as passionate as I do. I am an Aries man 26 years old. Last summer I met a Capricorn in her early 20s, who had been dating one of my best friends for a short period, and I didn't think much about it at the time other than that she was really REALLY pretty and had a gorgeous smile.

I think we may have bumped into each other in my friends company two or three times over the following year, but I wasn't dating at all during those days. THEN, three days ago, I meet up with that same friend, and she was there with her roommate hanging out. I am a very fiery Aries with my moon in Scorpio and I could feel an immense grounding force from her, even as we just walked and talked that night, I have never noticed a Cap in this way before many of my female Cap friends are very self-centered, not necessarily in a bad way, I just can't get very close to them or they are just distant in general.

Long story short, we all ended up at my friends house, and he took off soon afterwards to 'find trouble downtown' and just left us two in his room to chill and listen to music! We had some great conversation there and I instantly fell in love with her personality, taste in music, passion, and carefree silly side. We had some wine and headed back to her place to make some food and chill out, and we ended up staying up talking and listening to incredible music.

Very polite and pleasant company all night long, great laughs, got to where we could barely keep our eyes open.

Aries man and Capricorn woman

It was one of the most passionate, warm embraces I've had, just like electricity all over me, I went totally numb to her beauty! Pure ecstasy being close to her. From what I've picked up over the last few days, I don't want to rush into any deep feelings or anything, I don't want to make it seem like I want too much too soon. Although the truth is I want to see her again already!

As far as Capricorn and Aries' dominance traits, ours both seem fairly mild; like we both really like hearing what the other person has to say, and are both conscious of whether we have stepped on the other person's sentence. I really like it, and I want to experience more of it, but I also want to give her the space she needs to do what she seems to do so well: AND her dedication to her life makes me want to sort mine out too, and take my art, music and writing to new levels.

I can only hope she wants to see me again as much I as want to see her. If not, I suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'm a Capricorn woman in love with an Aries man. He is kind, understanding and compassionate. He lavishes me with compliments and wants to see me often. I love his straightforward approach concerning how he feels about me. I love his adventurous outlook on life. Next year we're planning a month-long road trip that promises to be memorable in many ways.

We have so much in common and this is both new and different for both of us. Yet, we do have some differences slight to keep things exciting. I should mention that we both have our Venus in fire signs, Mars in fire signs same one , and Moon in water signs and Jupiter in air signs. I do glimpse his selfishness from time to time but I always remind myself that's part of his nature too. I know he would do anything for me. I don't know where it is going , but I feel I don't want to get close.

I agree with all the sex is great.. Very demanding and aggresive. I love someone to be there,To call and say hello,send a text,Whatever. But I hate jealous clingy types. We are not real passionate people except in the bedroom.

Are an Aries Man and a Capricorn Woman Really Compatible?

Fast forward to I saw her on facebook while I was looking for another girl: I recognized her name. And I remembered her birthmark on her right eye. Anyway, I contacted her. We spoke a couple of times, nothing big. She gave me her but I was hesitant to call her because I didn't have my act together. Shoot, like I said, I didn't I was not attracted to her in 9th grade and I wasn't sure if I would be now.

So I didn't care if I misrepresented myself to her. No harm no foul.

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I'm in NY and she's in CA. She has 2 kids. I did not wanna settle down. So I sent her a happy valentine's day text - as I did to all the women on my phone. One day I spoke to a woman that I had a severe love for when I was It really was instinctive. So I call her and she can't believe it. Her exact words were "either you're real sweet or real strange! Oh did I mention it was march and icy cold??? I would be switching hands constantly from pocket to phone! But I enjoyed it.

She loved to hear me and I loved to talk about stuff. And that lasted for a a few weeks before we came to our senses. Were miles away. She sent me this long text, saying she "didn't want to tell me on the phone, because she would start to cry. I can take it. We talked, had our differences but we worked them out. We got very close. I was working towards my success in the film business.

I did it because it was the right thing and because it relieved me of the pressure of sex and stuff like that. I was a virgin. I said "why would I lie about that?? I mean one time we did 10 hrs straight and we didn't even feel it.

I mean she would talk to me and breakdown in tears. I did not know what to do! I was a stranger so I rented a room at the sheraton. I arrive in california, and I had a real great feeling! I felt like a million bucks when I walked out that airport! I could not believe how beautiful she was!! I was in heaven! I could kiss her forever!! I was crushed and I felt imasculated. I am an oral champ!

I try to calm her but I was the cause for her feelings. I missed her all day. I ask her to ask me to stay. I came there feeling like a king an I left feeling completely hurt. I could feel her pulling away from me. I was to good to be true. I had no chance to succeed.. I didn't know how we got here!! I love this woman. I think we are meant to be. I don't know if its true but that was crazy!!! I agreed, so I could keep the lines of communication open. I said if I was special to you you would not let me go!

I helped her with it. I wanna show her I can provide for her and the children. I even started learning to drive. I believe God has sent me top save her, protect her, love her. I hope she'll see that to. I tried to hang in there. I wish I could invent a time machine, go back to the trip and give myself ED meds!!! I think it would've made a lot of things different! I was there, via text and phone every step of the way during her mom's operation. I tell her to tell her mom i'm the real son and law: I told her "i am sure of my feelings for her.

I was sure before the sex. I want her and only her. I told her "marry me and I promise you the world. I say "u cant help who you fall in love with. I like this apparnetly. I guess i'm being insecure. I love my cap girl!!! I hope I will. I believe we will because I just see it happen!!! We were over the phone long distance lovers. I gave her an ultimatum and she told me she could only offer me friendship and since I wont except that, she'll have to say goodbye if thats what I need.

I never said that. I tried to reach her and she wont get back to me. I am a Capricorn woman in 20's and I met this Aries man in his 30's. I was dating his friend and his friend was a Taurus guy and we clicked, however after his vacation he went back to his place and it was his friend's turn to spend a vacation in the place where I'm living.

This Aries guy kept on contacting me on some whereabouts and wanted to date my sister and asked me to introduce him to my friends. While the Taurus is contacting me once in a while this Aries guy almost sent me email everyday. I was looking at him as a friend because I was attracted to my Taurus guy, Taurus guy was very gentleman. And then when Aries man came along, we danced all night, had some drinks It was totally awkward, but I found all my courage to be casual about it. He promised that it won't happen again and he felt guilt because Taurus guy likes me and he was a very good friend of his.

But eventually promises were made to be broken, we went out of town he invited me and we did it again and again and again. He gentle one time and brass the next. Taurus guy would carry all my luggages Aries guy would just carry his own. Taurus guy would take dinner in a slow pace and we will eat together in a gentle pace, Aries guy would stand up even before I finished my meal and that was rude. Taurus guy would text very seldom, Aries guy flooded me with text even if I was at work trying to get attention. When I was sick Taurus guy gave me an enormous massage, I took care of Aries guy when he was sick thrice.

Taurus guy would be contented snuggling on bed with kisses and gentle whispers, Aries guy would humped me on bed the moment he had a chance. Aries guy is very good on bed, Taurus guy is a good for a long term relationship The box will scroll if you need more space.

Are an Aries Man and a Capricorn Woman Really Compatible?

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Their union is either all or nothing, a perfect aim or a complete miss, extremely fulfilling or an absolute waste over nothing; we hope you get the point! This match is of the unorganized vs. The Aries man is a sure charmer. An intelligent, passionate, confident, and at times intimidating personality who can woo any woman without amiss. On the other hand, a Capricorn woman is an intellectual, well-organized, and goal-oriented female who knows clearly what she wants in life. While he tends to go with the flow while following his gut feeling, she plans everything out, evaluates the pros and cons, and ensures that all the unwanted "accidents" that can result in wastage of her focused energy have no room in her life Yes, this guy can either be the biggest or the best "accident" in her life.

Aries Man and a Capricorn Woman: A Not So Good Match? A Ray of Hope. If both are of the same age, his immature nature may put her off. Therefore, if he is older than her, the relationship is more likely to sustain. Well, when it comes to these two, you can't really say. Both have quite similar strengths, albeit they have different ways of using them! For instance, both of them desire success and power, if they want something, they will do anything to get it.

It's just that the Aries man will move towards his goal with passion and aggression, not analyzing his actions logically, while the Capricorn woman will move slowly and steadily, evaluating and formulating a strategic plan to catch the fish. This will make them great partners at work, as each will balance the shortcomings of the other.

But, is this enough to sustain a long-term relationship on a personal level? When it comes to being friends, the relationship is quite unlikely to remain just there if both of them are attracted to each other, and yes, there is quite a lot of attraction going on here! His charm, his body language, and his assertiveness are highly seductive, strong enough for this strong-headed woman to melt pretty soon. He on the other hand loves her because she seems to be too hard to get.

She masks her true self behind the curtains of responsibilities, ethics, and morals, which intrigue him, while she draws nearer to him, being awed by his carefree and easygoing nature. He seems powerful, confident, truly manly, and promising enough to give her the security and status she needs her man to give her.

Love Compatibility in the Initial Stage. To Keep the Spark Alive. Learn from each other. Just two people accepting and learning from the different point of views. Don't bring egos in between. The initial love affair between these two is intensely exciting. The Aries man ruled by the element Fire, meets the woman ruled by the element Earth. His fiery and intense dominion in this relationship compels her to cave in, especially during the act of making love. This guy is an aggressive lover who is very much capable of balancing his passion with gentle and caring actions as well.

He always surprises her with his unpredictable, go with the flow actions. She, on the other hand, makes it a little difficult for him just initially to see her open self. It is not long before his dominance compels her to submit herself to him and show him the passionate lover that she hides deep within her to keep her from being hurt.

With the rest of the zodiacs, she will ensure that she has the upper hand, but this rule doesn't work with her Aries lover. If she is blindly and madly in love with this guy she will willingly ignore all his "annoying" habits, unless they are too difficult to ignore.

His carefree nature, his inability to understand the benefits of planning and thinking, and his need to be his own master will make it difficult for her to bear. It wouldn't be wrong to say that she might swallow her pride for the never-before experienced lovemaking that only this man could give her till now. If she manages to avoid his childishness and accept him the way he is, great. Otherwise, her attempt to dominate and curb his freedom and passion would lead to constant fights, disagreements, and an eventual split. What Can Make It Work?